Week 18 – The Final Countdown 


This week we had our New Home Presentation re-inspection. Our very little check list was completed and we signed off! Now the waiting game for the bank to send out their inspector and proceed with our final payment to Boutique Homes! 

We also had our measure up with 3A Blinds. After scaling the western suburbs from Melton to Williamstown to Werribee we loved the price, knowledge and customer service of the sales assistant and measure up guy!  So far they have been absolutely wonderful and with a quick turnover time and some great reviews I wasn’t hesitant at all! We have found their pricing affordable and we were even able to add in plantation shutters to the bathroom. We do want to add sheers however this company only specialises in blinds so we will wait a bit until everything else is finalised and install sheers later. We opted for Cat 3 Onyx blockout. I debated whether or not to go just a flat colour or to have a textured look. We agreed on textured as it will give our room a little more character.


I received a call from the bank construction loans department advising me that their inspector has gone to the property and we are all good to make our last payment. 


I have been calling around to organise connections and deliveries all day!

Money has since come out of our account but may take until next Monday to clear. So we are looking at hand over then HOPEFULLY!!! Eeek! So excited! 

Week 17- New Home Presentation!

This week we had Our New Home Presentation! I put the question out to everyone as to ‘what to look for’ but in simple words- look for everything on everything! We had our New Home Presentation on Friday and it was quite exciting and relieving to know that their independent inspector gave our build quite a good rating in comparison to the mean. 

The house was given a ‘builders clean’ also known as a super rough clean. I would have preferred to be a bit cleaner so that I could touch surfaces such as the benchtop and not pick up layers of dirt/dust of which I may have transferred a little bit to the wall when trying to work out if the wall was dirty, or needed another paint. Anyway, our main notice was that cupboard doors (pantry and linen) didn’t hold shut. (Missing that little magnetic click in bit, under the sinks there was a bit of a leak, (pipes needed tightening) and most obviously, paintwork and rough fit offs of handles. A little annoyed that the fit off of the toilet roll holder was so rough and clumsy, looked like I was trying to install it and didn’t know what to do. I feel like more plaster behind it was ripped off. It wouldn’t bother me so much but if you think about it, if someone is having a difficult poop, they are going to be staring around at the little toilet room for a while. 

As for the paintwork, the bedrooms and laundry was quite good but the main living space walls coped a battering during the tiling especially. Also the paint seemed so thin, I will commend the painter though for the almost drip-free paint, however, most of the blue tape was for paint which is a sign of relief in my books. I know there have been so many people with worse of paint jobs. If my structure is fine and everything in working order I can sacrifice just the paint. 

After this meeting I then organised with the bank out final payment, as it was minimal to fix, I didn’t see much of an issue. 

We will hopefully sign off on Tuesday! 

Week 16 and we welcome June! 

The month of June! This month would have to be the most exciting, nerve wrecking, expensive and rewarding month of this year.

Our home is nearly complete! Our New Home Presentation is still set for the third week of this month (no date specified)! We will most likely be handed the keys either end of June or first half of July! It has felt like such a quick build, especially because the land took so long to title and finances took months to get right from and the build having very little visible issues made it fly by! 

This week our laminate floorboards, showerscreen and final tape ware have all been installed. Our walls and chosen front door have also been painted. We have officially been locked out which looks like our home has been given a clean and mop! I really hope they were gentle with that clean! I think we are mainly waiting for the electricity to be connected to the house along with an independent inspection. Exciting times now! We have gone back to getting quotes for blinds, locked in our necessary purchases and I just need to organise the fencing and driveway as my final urgency too. 

Week 15 – In da Tub! 

Temporary fence down from our block and up for our future neighbours. Our selected front door was also installed this week and I love it! Still green but looks great! This week we also saw the plumbing fit off of tapware and showerheads. Our bathtub has left the walk in robe and made its way to the main bathroom too this week. 

Also noticed that our island cabinetry was installed in reverse order, which wasn’t much of an issue until we were advised that the power point for the island bench would have to be moved as there are drawers where it was going to be installed… apparently not possible… hoping it’s not an eyesore I will keep it on the hallway side as it would be impractical to delete this item. It confuses me as to the attention to detail neglected by the tradies. We have been impressed with the first few stages but I think after lock up the faults become more visual. I’m sure this will be rectified anyway. It’s just annoying seeing a toilet roll installation so poor and a rough approach to the installation of the sorts. 

I’m sure these bits will be rectified, just annoyed that I wasn’t looking for faults and my eyes were immediately drawn to these easily preventable imperfections. 

We also have our garage door and our toilets hehe and our mirrors! Also excited to see our bedroom flooring take place sometime soon! I feel as that, along with the final coat of paint will make our home visually complete with just minor fixes hopefully before our final walk through. 

Week 14

This week the main tiling has been completed with just our bedroom flooring to be installed. Our tiles look fantastic with grout and I am please with our choice to pick matching grout rather than contrasting. 

This week our ceasorstone benchtops were also installed along with our  kitchen sink! We decided to go an undermount sink and it looks great! I am so pleased that my partner nagged for us to change it from standard. Finally looking like less of a hollow shell and hopefully we are on that homestretch! 

Our front exterior has also been rendered and I’m loving the Ticking Black charcoal shade immensely! 

The lighting and heating has also been fitted off. We are unable to test it as our electricity has yet to be connected to the house. We had a delay getting electricity to our stage release, but with the street lights working at least we won’t be running a house off a generator… 

Week 13 – Getting Laid…

This week was visually productive! We received our tile delivery, had our walls and eves painted and the tiles began to get laid. Midweek I also had a quick walk through of our home. With my internal wall paint colour it was pot luck. We chose on the day of colour selection and I was naive enough to think white is white. So our walls are white! Haha, at least it makes our home look bigger, perhaps cooler? It is very close to the ceiling white! At least this confirms that our window dressings will not be white! Currently we have been looking at black/charcoal blockout blinds with a few sheers, maybe shutters in the main bathroom but nothing has been locked in. I do think we need this locked in ASAP considering that we could be in- in a month or so! It’s ok temp blinds will do! I am happy with our choice now, our furniture is black and woody so that will add warmth plus, there’s always a ‘threw for yur carch!’ (Prue, Kath and Kim) I think it will look ‘absorootly greyshsh!’ Ok, I better stop the Kath and Kim now! 

Tiles are looking great with tradies working  both on Saturday and Sunday. These shots show no grout just yet! I guess that will happen next week! I am very pleased with our colour choices, I was quite hesitant with our ensuite because we strayed from the grey/black/white tone.. but it works! 

Week 12 – Blinded by the White! 

Painter has been in prepared the house with plastic all over our cabinetry ready to go! 

Our ceiling has had its two coats of Boutique White and our walls have had two coats with the third to be after the tiling in case of any marks. I have read some botchy paint jobs however, we have been so impressed by our hand working painter working even over the weekend to ensure the house is dry and ready for the next step! Our doors are nice and glossy and the enamel on our archetraves too. Now it has really taken shape and starting to look like our home! Looking at the chosen paint, we chose Watyl White and whilst it is on the ‘cooler’ side of the colour spectrum (probably sitting as close to stark white as possible! Oops..) I think it will go well with our home and furnishings. To be honest, it was a gamble picking our wall colour at colour selection as all we both knew is we wanted some form of white just not too close to beige or with a yellow undertone, a year later, we realise it’s perhaps not the best shade for a home.. it’s just paint, we can fix that after our son draws on the walls! 

After a week tossing between what type of window dressing colour we would go, black or white, the painted walls have confirmed that we stick to black or a darker colour to break the white in the home and give each room a nice soft contrast. 

We have had some quick estimates for blinds and sheers the past week and with a toddler, we have decided that blockout textured blinds would be more suitable limiting sheers in the master bedroom and one in our main living area to cover the stacker door. But, we will see! 

Our splashback would also need a tint as it’s hazardous to have a blind over a stove and we may refrain from blinds in the bathroom, toilet and ensuite as we have obscured glass in those areas yet not confirmed. Maybe shutter in the bathroom? We have a beautiful bathroom window but we can away dress it later or perhaps just put a sheer?  

Decisions decisions!