Week 18 – The Final Countdown 


This week we had our New Home Presentation re-inspection. Our very little check list was completed and we signed off! Now the waiting game for the bank to send out their inspector and proceed with our final payment to Boutique Homes! 

We also had our measure up with 3A Blinds. After scaling the western suburbs from Melton to Williamstown to Werribee we loved the price, knowledge and customer service of the sales assistant and measure up guy!  So far they have been absolutely wonderful and with a quick turnover time and some great reviews I wasn’t hesitant at all! We have found their pricing affordable and we were even able to add in plantation shutters to the bathroom. We do want to add sheers however this company only specialises in blinds so we will wait a bit until everything else is finalised and install sheers later. We opted for Cat 3 Onyx blockout. I debated whether or not to go just a flat colour or to have a textured look. We agreed on textured as it will give our room a little more character.


I received a call from the bank construction loans department advising me that their inspector has gone to the property and we are all good to make our last payment. 


I have been calling around to organise connections and deliveries all day!

Money has since come out of our account but may take until next Monday to clear. So we are looking at hand over then HOPEFULLY!!! Eeek! So excited! 


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