Sofa in Week 11

This past week the brickie has completed our brickwork, painter has come to prepare the walls for painting, a sweep and clear of the house has also been done and lots of blue scribble on our walls. I’m not too sure what that is for to be honest but so far things are looking great! 

This week we also went furniture shopping around Hoppers Crossing, DFO Essendon and at South Warf and locked in our big furnishings for our bedroom, living and dining area. My iPhone is now fully loaded with snapshots of bedroom suites, couches and tables and sofas and sofas oh and did I say sofas?  SO FA…r it has been extremely difficult to purchase a sofa which shows quality and value for money without being bicast, bonded or fake. I have done my research and it’s amazing how much bullshit a salesman will spin to convince you that they have ‘genuine leather’. 

Here are some snaps of the home and furniture. We have decided to wait to purchase the electrical stuf such as washing machine, fridge, TV in order to hopefully take advantage of stocktake sales! 

Week 10

Monday to Thursday 


Internal Doors installed


More brickwork completed 


Cabinetry delivered and positioned in the rooms accordingly. Carpenter was also in during our after hours visit and it was lovely meeting him. He was working on our skirting. 


Our cabinetry has been installed! Excited to see the kitchen fixed together and amazed at how quickly it has taken shape. It’s also been awesome to see the kitchen in full scale! We had slight variations from the display home and opted out of the butlers pantry and replaced the theatre room with an outdoor living area so our space was a little compromised, plus the display was a tiny bit bigger. Still, very impressed and pleased with the open living area we have chosen. I’ve got a craving to get our couches organised (especially with the 12 week average wait for them to be delivered) so the kitchen has helped map out our meals and couch plots. 

So much to think about again with furnishing, I feel like this will be harder than our colour selection as we have so many options that go with our neutral colour scheme! Lots to think about with little left as spare! 

Week 9

Cornices have been completed. We have square set corners in the entry and living areas and kept the bedrooms and remainder of the house with standard cornices. I was worried that they would shrink the appearance of each room but as our ceilings are 2.7m high I don’t feel like it has closed in any spaces, especially the bedrooms. 

Brickie and labourer have also been on site working hard and consistent with laying the bricks. 

It’s the Easter long weekend so we all deserve a well earnt break! Also great to see the care over the long weekend- our two doors that enter the house were both locked. It’s the little things that show that bit more care and we are greatful so far for the work by Boutique Homes. 

Week 8- Let’s get Plastered! 


We had our insulation installed in the walls today. 


Our plaster and bricks got delivered! 


It was time for us to get plastered! I did think bricks would go before plaster but after seeing the plaster boards delivered prior to the bricks it was cleat that plaster was the next step! 


The completion of plaster and commencement of brickwork! The plasterers worked into the late evening to complete the job in two full days.


Only saw one brickie on site today during the daily drive by. A bit more progress on the brickwork too, curious as to whether he is a one man band or a part of a team. Either way, looks great so far. I am happy with our brick choice even if it was Cat. 1 I feel it will contrast well! 

Week 6 and Week 7

I have had to mesh up week 6 and 7 in one blog post due to the fact that we were on holidays and unable to visit the site daily. Despite the fact that we did have my parents check on the house on a daily basis we were either too busy making memories on and around Hamilton Island or enduring a cat. 4 cyclone then trying to fly back home. We sure were away from home for twice as long as what we had booked for however, the main thing is that we are safe. I sure as hell know how to book family holidays… so apologies for the lack of chronological order, however in the space of our 2 weeks away this did happen.

  • Frame payment made
  • Door frame confirmed by site supervisor to be replaced.
  • Delivery of our roof tiles plus installation of our roof
  • Solar Panels placed on our roof
  • Heating
  • Bathtub frame for our bathroom setup
  • Electrical cabling rough in
  • Plumbing rough in
  • wrapped up
  • Temporary front door

Next steps are bricks and plaster.


Week 5


Public Holiday


Roof trusses were put up.


We have windows installed.


Gutters up


Defect notice- Frame of the door chipped. Frame stage complete invoice received.  

Our first official purchase for our home

Last year whilst admiring display homes by our chosen builder, I had entered a competition which was to snapshot a Boutique display home. I was one of the lucky winners and received a $200 gift card to spend at Temple and Webster, an online furniture and furnishings store. After almost a year browsing their website and shortlisting what to spend our voucher towards, we have finally chosen something. As we had dragged out the use of this voucher due to the fact that our own home is currently in construction and we wanted a piece that would hopefully fit in with our non-existent furniture and be a bit of a feature piece! Therefore we have gone with the Charcoal Scandinavian Fabric Accent Chair which will go either in our master bedroom or office space. I feel that it will go quite well with our monotonal colour scheme of the walls and flooring as well as give off a little character of its own!

I will admit, I hate online shopping for furniture, clothing and light pendants it was very hard for me to determine the sizing and full quality of a product. Unless it was a game/movie or something that I had seen once before I am hesitant to go through with the purchase. I am a little at ease if I can do in store returns but don’t like the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on an image shot on a studio without inspecting quality and be able to visualise it in a thorough full dimensional manner.

I will let you know how this goes! I will open up the box but perhaps leave it unassembled until we are in the house as our storage space is limiting at the moment!

Looking forward to our drive by tomorrow, hopefully some sort of labour type movement will commence!