Week 19! Handover!!! 

Monday morning, we received THE CALL! Handover is all good to go so we could make an appointment to go down to the Boutique Homes office and collect the keys that day!

We made an afternoon pick up just because it was easiest to schedule with work. So excited and a tad early we were greeted by the lovely reception staff who marked our arrival and even gave our little boy some attention with colouring pencils and a new book! As you know, kids rarely sit still especially under 3! Our client liaison was ready and we met her face to face for the first time after communicating over the phone/email since February. Nikita was lovely, we were given our Boutique Homes box full of certificates, keys and information for our new home along with a run through.
Then the race back trying to avoid traffic to open the front door! Our goal for the day was to just give the house a good clean! At the front door we took a few family photos with the keys and as a family. We then open the front door… ok we tried and it wouldn’t open. A bit baffled, checked the keys again and it was ours, but it wouldn’t open. We laughed! This was probably our only major hiccup so far so I rushed around the back of the house and got in through the sliding door as that key was fine! Everything else worked smoothly. We opted not to have our appliances or hot water installed until after handover as we wanted a slower move in. So I wasn’t concerned at all. The next day, a locksmith was organised. It just made for a memorable ‘grand opening’ of our home and a great video!
We gave the house a great clean from top to toe and rested for the night. The next day we had many trips too and from Mum’s house migrating our stuff.

It took us under 20 weeks of construction and although it did seem relatively quick, in our developing estate you can see the difference in quality from other volume builders. Seeing our build progress definitely gave us confidence in our choice of builder for our family home.
Stay tuned for updates on styling and furnishing our home!


4 thoughts on “Week 19! Handover!!! 

  1. Tracey says:

    Congratulations we will also be building with boutique homes overall were you happy with the build & quality ? How dirty was the house after handover? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Regards Tracey


    • jadeypox says:

      We were quite satisfied with the quality of Boutique, being in a new stage release, lots of homes were in a similar build stage and even from the thickness of our slab, we were impressed. Of course some trades do better at their job than others but we had a good high consistently throughout our build with the odd hiccup but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. For a volume builder I am glad that we opted for Boutique over other builds and I loved the fact that their standard was quite high so I only upgraded little bits and pieces to our colour design. If I built again I would build with Boutique. (I am not getting paid or endorsed by this company, this is my own experience). Which house design are you building Tracey?


  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks for your reply we are building the Seville 28 very disappointed with our sales guy we were told because our land isn’t titled yet if we aren’t titled once the price freeze is over then we have to pay a percentage fee every month & we were happy with that we contacted him & he is now saying that the monthly fee no longer applies & we will have to pay the base price difference our land hasn’t titled yet & the base price has gone up $18000 in 6 months which is huge we asked him why he told us about the monthly fee if it doesn’t exist & when it ended & we can’t get a straight answer out of him very dissatisfied so far . He says he will find out but doesn’t get back to us .


    • jadeypox says:

      Go get another salesperson. I thought boutique can hold the price until sep 18, in a recent promo. Our land delayed 9 months. But I think they can hold for a year. I wonder if it’s worth waiting on the odd chance of a promo? When does your land expect to title?


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