Week 15 – In da Tub! 

Temporary fence down from our block and up for our future neighbours. Our selected front door was also installed this week and I love it! Still green but looks great! This week we also saw the plumbing fit off of tapware and showerheads. Our bathtub has left the walk in robe and made its way to the main bathroom too this week. 

Also noticed that our island cabinetry was installed in reverse order, which wasn’t much of an issue until we were advised that the power point for the island bench would have to be moved as there are drawers where it was going to be installed… apparently not possible… hoping it’s not an eyesore I will keep it on the hallway side as it would be impractical to delete this item. It confuses me as to the attention to detail neglected by the tradies. We have been impressed with the first few stages but I think after lock up the faults become more visual. I’m sure this will be rectified anyway. It’s just annoying seeing a toilet roll installation so poor and a rough approach to the installation of the sorts. 

I’m sure these bits will be rectified, just annoyed that I wasn’t looking for faults and my eyes were immediately drawn to these easily preventable imperfections. 

We also have our garage door and our toilets hehe and our mirrors! Also excited to see our bedroom flooring take place sometime soon! I feel as that, along with the final coat of paint will make our home visually complete with just minor fixes hopefully before our final walk through. 


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