Week 13 – Getting Laid…

This week was visually productive! We received our tile delivery, had our walls and eves painted and the tiles began to get laid. Midweek I also had a quick walk through of our home. With my internal wall paint colour it was pot luck. We chose on the day of colour selection and I was naive enough to think white is white. So our walls are white! Haha, at least it makes our home look bigger, perhaps cooler? It is very close to the ceiling white! At least this confirms that our window dressings will not be white! Currently we have been looking at black/charcoal blockout blinds with a few sheers, maybe shutters in the main bathroom but nothing has been locked in. I do think we need this locked in ASAP considering that we could be in- in a month or so! It’s ok temp blinds will do! I am happy with our choice now, our furniture is black and woody so that will add warmth plus, there’s always a ‘threw for yur carch!’ (Prue, Kath and Kim) I think it will look ‘absorootly greyshsh!’ Ok, I better stop the Kath and Kim now! 

Tiles are looking great with tradies working  both on Saturday and Sunday. These shots show no grout just yet! I guess that will happen next week! I am very pleased with our colour choices, I was quite hesitant with our ensuite because we strayed from the grey/black/white tone.. but it works! 


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