Week 17- New Home Presentation!

This week we had Our New Home Presentation! I put the question out to everyone as to ‘what to look for’ but in simple words- look for everything on everything! We had our New Home Presentation on Friday and it was quite exciting and relieving to know that their independent inspector gave our build quite a good rating in comparison to the mean. 

The house was given a ‘builders clean’ also known as a super rough clean. I would have preferred to be a bit cleaner so that I could touch surfaces such as the benchtop and not pick up layers of dirt/dust of which I may have transferred a little bit to the wall when trying to work out if the wall was dirty, or needed another paint. Anyway, our main notice was that cupboard doors (pantry and linen) didn’t hold shut. (Missing that little magnetic click in bit, under the sinks there was a bit of a leak, (pipes needed tightening) and most obviously, paintwork and rough fit offs of handles. A little annoyed that the fit off of the toilet roll holder was so rough and clumsy, looked like I was trying to install it and didn’t know what to do. I feel like more plaster behind it was ripped off. It wouldn’t bother me so much but if you think about it, if someone is having a difficult poop, they are going to be staring around at the little toilet room for a while. 

As for the paintwork, the bedrooms and laundry was quite good but the main living space walls coped a battering during the tiling especially. Also the paint seemed so thin, I will commend the painter though for the almost drip-free paint, however, most of the blue tape was for paint which is a sign of relief in my books. I know there have been so many people with worse of paint jobs. If my structure is fine and everything in working order I can sacrifice just the paint. 

After this meeting I then organised with the bank out final payment, as it was minimal to fix, I didn’t see much of an issue. 

We will hopefully sign off on Tuesday! 


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