Post build

As you can imagine it takes much longer than a couple of weeks to move in to your own home and have everything just how you like it!

Since my last post I have purchased and set up my big office desk from Mocka Australia, had a bit of a Freedom Frenzy and purchased and installed our kitchen pendant lighting, filled the pantry with the essentials and down to a smaller weekly shop (Thank God!!!) and felt much more settled into our new home.

Today we got our front door and window splashback tinted. For the front we opted for frosted as apparently thats the only way no one can really see in. As for the window, you can't see inside the house from outside but you can see everything from the inside whilst a bit of our sun is also blocked. Finally I can take down the cardboard so I can cook in piece without seeing the tradies next door.

I have also spent some time setting up my design business and putting together business cards and most importantly a business plan. I have done the odd couple of jobs however I have decided to first get everything set up in my mind, office space, online and on paper so that I can approach each task effectively.

Now it's time to organise all our manuals, warranties and invoices before anything goes missing. I found an awesome folder at non other than Kmart and I will certainly take advantage of that $10 I spent and put it into good use. I have had multiple shops at Kmart and splurged under $40 for cushions! I can NEVER justify the ridiculous pricing of some furnishing shops. Ooh and by the way, not loving all the bills scattered on my desk waiting to be paid. Ehh, the joys of adulting.

I think there will definitely be a decline in my blog posts now that the build has completed but do stay with @twentythreesquares on Instagram as I update that much more often!




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