Week 12 – Blinded by the White! 

Painter has been in prepared the house with plastic all over our cabinetry ready to go! 

Our ceiling has had its two coats of Boutique White and our walls have had two coats with the third to be after the tiling in case of any marks. I have read some botchy paint jobs however, we have been so impressed by our hand working painter working even over the weekend to ensure the house is dry and ready for the next step! Our doors are nice and glossy and the enamel on our archetraves too. Now it has really taken shape and starting to look like our home! Looking at the chosen paint, we chose Watyl White and whilst it is on the ‘cooler’ side of the colour spectrum (probably sitting as close to stark white as possible! Oops..) I think it will go well with our home and furnishings. To be honest, it was a gamble picking our wall colour at colour selection as all we both knew is we wanted some form of white just not too close to beige or with a yellow undertone, a year later, we realise it’s perhaps not the best shade for a home.. it’s just paint, we can fix that after our son draws on the walls! 

After a week tossing between what type of window dressing colour we would go, black or white, the painted walls have confirmed that we stick to black or a darker colour to break the white in the home and give each room a nice soft contrast. 

We have had some quick estimates for blinds and sheers the past week and with a toddler, we have decided that blockout textured blinds would be more suitable limiting sheers in the master bedroom and one in our main living area to cover the stacker door. But, we will see! 

Our splashback would also need a tint as it’s hazardous to have a blind over a stove and we may refrain from blinds in the bathroom, toilet and ensuite as we have obscured glass in those areas yet not confirmed. Maybe shutter in the bathroom? We have a beautiful bathroom window but we can away dress it later or perhaps just put a sheer?  

Decisions decisions! 


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