Week 16 and we welcome June! 

The month of June! This month would have to be the most exciting, nerve wrecking, expensive and rewarding month of this year.

Our home is nearly complete! Our New Home Presentation is still set for the third week of this month (no date specified)! We will most likely be handed the keys either end of June or first half of July! It has felt like such a quick build, especially because the land took so long to title and finances took months to get right from and the build having very little visible issues made it fly by! 

This week our laminate floorboards, showerscreen and final tape ware have all been installed. Our walls and chosen front door have also been painted. We have officially been locked out which looks like our home has been given a clean and mop! I really hope they were gentle with that clean! I think we are mainly waiting for the electricity to be connected to the house along with an independent inspection. Exciting times now! We have gone back to getting quotes for blinds, locked in our necessary purchases and I just need to organise the fencing and driveway as my final urgency too. 


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