Sofa in Week 11

This past week the brickie has completed our brickwork, painter has come to prepare the walls for painting, a sweep and clear of the house has also been done and lots of blue scribble on our walls. I’m not too sure what that is for to be honest but so far things are looking great! 

This week we also went furniture shopping around Hoppers Crossing, DFO Essendon and at South Warf and locked in our big furnishings for our bedroom, living and dining area. My iPhone is now fully loaded with snapshots of bedroom suites, couches and tables and sofas and sofas oh and did I say sofas?  SO FA…r it has been extremely difficult to purchase a sofa which shows quality and value for money without being bicast, bonded or fake. I have done my research and it’s amazing how much bullshit a salesman will spin to convince you that they have ‘genuine leather’. 

Here are some snaps of the home and furniture. We have decided to wait to purchase the electrical stuf such as washing machine, fridge, TV in order to hopefully take advantage of stocktake sales! 


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