Week 10

Monday to Thursday 


Internal Doors installed


More brickwork completed 


Cabinetry delivered and positioned in the rooms accordingly. Carpenter was also in during our after hours visit and it was lovely meeting him. He was working on our skirting. 


Our cabinetry has been installed! Excited to see the kitchen fixed together and amazed at how quickly it has taken shape. It’s also been awesome to see the kitchen in full scale! We had slight variations from the display home and opted out of the butlers pantry and replaced the theatre room with an outdoor living area so our space was a little compromised, plus the display was a tiny bit bigger. Still, very impressed and pleased with the open living area we have chosen. I’ve got a craving to get our couches organised (especially with the 12 week average wait for them to be delivered) so the kitchen has helped map out our meals and couch plots. 

So much to think about again with furnishing, I feel like this will be harder than our colour selection as we have so many options that go with our neutral colour scheme! Lots to think about with little left as spare! 


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