Week 6 and Week 7

I have had to mesh up week 6 and 7 in one blog post due to the fact that we were on holidays and unable to visit the site daily. Despite the fact that we did have my parents check on the house on a daily basis we were either too busy making memories on and around Hamilton Island or enduring a cat. 4 cyclone then trying to fly back home. We sure were away from home for twice as long as what we had booked for however, the main thing is that we are safe. I sure as hell know how to book family holidays… so apologies for the lack of chronological order, however in the space of our 2 weeks away this did happen.

  • Frame payment made
  • Door frame confirmed by site supervisor to be replaced.
  • Delivery of our roof tiles plus installation of our roof
  • Solar Panels placed on our roof
  • Heating
  • Bathtub frame for our bathroom setup
  • Electrical cabling rough in
  • Plumbing rough in
  • wrapped up
  • Temporary front door

Next steps are bricks and plaster.



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