Our first official purchase for our home

Last year whilst admiring display homes by our chosen builder, I had entered a competition which was to snapshot a Boutique display home. I was one of the lucky winners and received a $200 gift card to spend at Temple and Webster, an online furniture and furnishings store. After almost a year browsing their website and shortlisting what to spend our voucher towards, we have finally chosen something. As we had dragged out the use of this voucher due to the fact that our own home is currently in construction and we wanted a piece that would hopefully fit in with our non-existent furniture and be a bit of a feature piece! Therefore we have gone with the Charcoal Scandinavian Fabric Accent Chair which will go either in our master bedroom or office space. I feel that it will go quite well with our monotonal colour scheme of the walls and flooring as well as give off a little character of its own!

I will admit, I hate online shopping for furniture, clothing and light pendants it was very hard for me to determine the sizing and full quality of a product. Unless it was a game/movie or something that I had seen once before I am hesitant to go through with the purchase. I am a little at ease if I can do in store returns but don’t like the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on an image shot on a studio without inspecting quality and be able to visualise it in a thorough full dimensional manner.

I will let you know how this goes! I will open up the box but perhaps leave it unassembled until we are in the house as our storage space is limiting at the moment!

Looking forward to our drive by tomorrow, hopefully some sort of labour type movement will commence!


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