Week 3


Let’s just say, Boutique Homes have shown us their consistency in the office too. 9am we receive an email advising us of the slab pour and our first payment due towards construction. There goes a portion of our hard earnt savings. Bye! Will I ever see you again? Now reality is slowly hitting us, the next chunk gone will be with the frame and that should be in the next coming weeks. 

Yes, I still visited the site again and we had some drawings on the slab. Some rooms basically mapped out, I assume for the frame. 


Nothing new on site which means it is good for the slab to dry in our Melbourne, ‘Summer in Autumn’. All week it’s been forecast to be beach weather. 


An email was sent through from our liaison and she has informed us that there was a pre-slab inspection by Group Four, our building serveyor and we had confirmation for the slab to be poured. We currently have yet to have engaged an independent inspector as we have had a knowledgeable close friend, my fiancé and father who work in construction and earthworks inspect our stages and actually quite impressed with the slab height of Boutique Homes in comparison to other lots in our same stage. We may engage Darbecca who are recommended for their thorough inspections, however so far we feel as it is not needed due to the knowledge of our friend and family.

There was definitely a site clean today.


Today we received our frames delivered on site ready to go! Thinking they will start putting them up Monday! 


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