Busting to tell ya!

Yesterday, we received an email from our new customer liaison with an introduction to our next stage… construction! We will now deal with Nikita who will update us on the progress and happenings on our block. It was with much delight that we were advised our site start date too! Next Monday the 13th of Feb! Of course, we are so impatient and love going a quick drive by our block each couple of days and so yesterday my partner drove by and noticed a portaloo! I tell you, I have never been so excited for a toilet in my entire life. So today, we detoured past, yes just to see a toilet- and to or surprise a fence with the Boutique Homes Banner was already put up along with a driveway crossover! They are all set to start the site scrape on Monday they sure didn’t waste time, I was expecting physical changes to the block to be in a few weeks time, but I guess all the paperwork was passed off and ready for the build! Excuse the overuse of exclamation marks hehee we are a tad bit excited… can’t you tell?!?! 


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