The progression of last week

Estimating department have commenced ordering materials for our build! In the upcoming days we will look over our addenda and make sure everything is correct and available then sign that off! In the meantime our Builders Permit came through as of yesterday! This week it has been so lovely opening an array of emails from our prestart consultant, Leah. She appears to be on top of everything stating that we are nearly at construction stage and will be passed on to someone else soon! Hopefully they are on top of it all, just as Leah has been to this date! 

After receiving no calls or emails back from our land sales office in regards to the electricity issue, I ventured back down and got some answers! Apparently their was an admin issue in resolving the electricity connection for our land stage. Anyway, she has advised us that the land developers will supply their own generators free of charge if the builder needs electricity and it has not been fixed. This is still quite an annoyance but I guess I can’t do much. 

A drive past our land and a couple fences are up and a site scrap completed on a lot nearby. Hopefully we are the next one up! 

Now it is getting exciting, revising all our plans and about to get the ball rolling!


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