Encroaching our style! 

6 days after settlement Boutique Homes drilled the holes for our soil test and had applied for developers approval. It wasn’t long at all for a response from the council. However, there was a little hiccup. Our porch height was too high for our council… by not much at all. We were advised this by our client liaison very efficiently and told that there was no other way but to apply for an exemption- costing us a bit more for the application. She also advised us that this is the last option and unfortunately they couldn’t make any plot alterations to sit within the council guidelines. With this news comes patience and it took many more weeks into the new year to receive a response. Now, approaching the final week of January, we have developers approval and approval from our Estate as we are building in an owners corporation. 

 Now we are waiting on the final plans to progress to the next step expected early Feb. 

Meanwhile, on the landing front- we have found out by a fellow land owner that our titled land stage has no electricity!!! I have called the council, Powercor and dropped past the sales office as we wait for when our electricity ‘tie in’ date is. I am currently awaiting a phone call from AVEO our land developers to advise us what on earth is going on!!! So sad all these unexpected issues are arising and we are yet to physically start the build. If we don’t have power, we would be charged by our builder a weekly fee for generator use. How pathetic, there are fences already going up in our area (and one lot looks like they are at frame stage as of today) and no power. 


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