Assuming that everything was all good on the bank side, as advised two weeks ago, I contacted our conveyancer the day before settlement. We were then notified that they were waiting for our lender as their was a little issue. Little issue?!?! What on earth! The day before and they are telling me of an issue that could impact our settlement date, and this was only because I called to check up! Not professional at all, so I contact the bank and by the time I get through to our manager, I was reassured that we just needed a box ticked. To be honest, from the get go, we had quite some issues with boxes getting ticked.. so initially, I panicked! I was then off to work having no contact whatsoever and praying that everything would be sorted that afternoon.

After hearing no response and a restless night, the following day I call up both conveyancer and the bank and it still had not been resolved! The issue… my middle name was not on the contract of sale, yes I should have picked it up but I have email proof to the conveyancer that my middle name is on my Passport/birth certificate. How can documentation be checked so last minute by the bank!?! Anyway, at 11:30 I had received confirmation that settlement would take place that afternoon. So exactly, 1 week ago, we became land owners!

After an 8 hour  busy retail shift, we didn’t crack open any champagne on our overgrown grass patch, I think we will leave that until we move into the house… or maybe when the slab is poured!

One week on and we have organised our lifestyle centre passes, used the pools Sunday and Monday and now we are just going to work our ass off and save as much as we can, oo wait, Christmas is literally around the corner! There goes that extra saving! 


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