Stage of concern? 

It has been over 1 week and the Conveyancer has yet to have advised me on our current land position. After telling me, the council are useless to communicate with and won’t give me an answer if I call.. they advised me over a week ago that they will get an update of which takes 3-4 days and get back to me. So it’s double that and no response back from the conveyancer. 

I then decided to contact the lawyers for the land release Madgwicks. I left a message with a cheery and promising receptionist last Friday and she advised that the person who is in charge of that area will get back to me that day. So that didn’t happen, never mind, she may have had a busy day. I called back today and was spoken to ever so rudely by another receptionist. As soon as she picked up the phone, I thought to myself.. here we go, this grump isn’t going to get anywhere. She then told me that my conveyancer is the one to contact and was about to hang up. I told her that I was having no luck with her and so your lovely receptionist on Friday advised me that Jenny would give me a call.. and she hadn’t. This woman was speaking in such an arrogant and rude tone and I honestly felt like telling her to stick a pole up her ass.. *butt I didn’t because I didn’t want to fuel this dragon. Ok woman, if you are sick of your job, leave! Find something else, I don’t want to be greeted by negative energy. If your having a shit day, say it or hide it. 

Then, the final step which I will now make my first, I called the council who told me everything! The lady was willing to go through all the stages with me and encouraged me to call back the following week. 

So the update… 

City West are ticked off- thank god as apparently they are a nightmare to deal with, they are waiting for the developers compliance and then their end which should be complete in 3-4 days. Then off to the titling office if all is well. 

Another frustrating stage, we are hoping to have the title by Christmas.. but it all depends. 


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