Cramping our style! 

Currently in October, paperwork has apparently already been lodged for registery and titling early September and we have been told that the expected turn around is usually 3 weeks. Is that near truth in Victoria? 

I honestly want to hurry up and get to the next stage! From an expected titling date of May (it was the start of roadworks instead) to August, then mid September and now October, I can’t really wait much more! I would love to get started and communicating with Boutique to get soil tests etc done. 

I also feel like we really need our own space now. Our son’s toy collection and wardrobe has drastically grown and it is pretty much impossible to hide all this extra stuff away from Dad and Mum’s house. Everything from when we were renting is stored here and fits under the alfresco and everywhere else. Summer is approaching and it would be nice if we could have more of that alfresco back. Table tennis this year does not look possible unfortunately as the place is invaded by dining room chairs. 

Let’s be honest, we could start selling our cheaper, furniture which won’t necessarily be in our house for long but, to have all these extra expenses the same time as a loan it is, going to be a challenge. Especially if an overseas trip is going to occur within the next 2 years to visit family. 

Hopefully by next Friday, by some miracle, we can have some good news! 


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