But first, let me take a #selfie 

The last week has been yet again, busy! Busy with all focus on this house and land and all the papers to follow. According to newly introduced regulation we had to venture out to our conveyancer’s office in Greenvale to meet the new government requirement of a Varification of Identity. So we travelled out to get our identification checked and confirm who we are. We also had a photo taken, and as usual I was looking the other way but they neglected to take another shot. Ahh well, in no longer than 10 minutes we were done. They also confirmed that the developers had lodged the papers for our titles with an expected turn around of 3 weeks. So hopefully any day! 

So we received the bank documents for the loan on Friday and due to my crazy weekend of work/family time and sorting out other bits and pieces, I finally had a good look at the paperwork… and THANK GOD I did because some goose had our guarantee amount at 3 different values across all our paperwork! For something I really did not know all too much about, I am so glad that we picked up the figure discrepancy- especially since my Dad was advised to go to a solicitor to sign the documents which was booked for the afternoon! We would have lost another $450 or so to make another appointment with the correct documentation. Why is everything so expensive?! Anyway, documents thankfully corrected within 30 minutes via email so just a word of advise.. check everything, even if it is standard documentation. We have the guarantor part signed, now just have to go and sign ours this Saturday. 

In other news the past week I have upgraded phones and wasted half a day doing something that usually takes 5 minutes- and reloading all my data on the new phone. I apparently have a password on my iTunes backup that prevented me from putting my backup on my new phone. I have tried every password/combination and couldn’t work it out. Then the cloud was going to take me 8hours to backup- so stuff that! 

It’s nice now, I can finally take better photos of my son on the iPhone 7, as my iPhone ( no not even 5s) took poor quality photos and I really felt I needed an upgrade. I’m also an iOS girl, none of this android stuff! 

Hope you are having an awesome day! 


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