Any moment now…. 

Quite a lot has happened over the last week! We had received an email from our conveyancer stating that the land is going to title this month and to fill in our ID information online as well as a face to face ID check. This is a new government requirement to varify our identity which has come into effect this year. 

I then frantically got ahold of our lending body and requested formal paperwork to be sent out, so hopefully that comes today. 

Upon a visit to our land, the gates were open!!! So we drove our car through and Suss out our pegs and land! We have a street sign! Standing tall and fresh, looking nice and clean and waiting for it’s residence to take place! From appearance, everything appears done… I think… 

Today I will email Boutique as communication from our sales rep. has not occurred in a few months. So hopefully she is there and all good, just waiting for our land to title.

Now I am eager to flick back through our selections and get more excited about the build. Honestly speaking, since May I have barely flicked through our paperwork as all concentration was going towards our loan getting approved. Now it all got real!! 


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