We are building a 4 bedroom house so our family of 3 will take up two of those rooms… well hopefully, our little dude will stay in his own room by then! Therefore, 2 rooms to play with! 

We need a study/office so I think we will make the smallest of the two bedrooms as a nice and comfortable office space. Office? For what? My partner is a labourer and I just muck around a bit on the computer now and then… Or do we call it a study? My son is nearly 1, I don’t think he will get much of a study space until he is in at least grade 2. As for me, been there done that! 

 Ideally, I would love to be able to work from home, either with my own business or Social Media Management or the like for a company. It is not practical at the moment for trains to the city and to be honest, I would rather raise my son than infect him in childcare and be home with a sick bub. Yes, my views are strong at the moment, please don’t take offense, my opinions may change but right now I don’t see the real benefit. PERSONALLY, interaction with other kids and learning skills doesn’t mean paying a stranger to raise your child with 62738 other kids for 6+hours a day. I will leave my Mummy views aside..sorry, I couldn’t help it. 

Back to this bedroom that’s an office or is it going to be a study? Or a hub? Or…? Feel free to pop me room titles! This room will definitely have a desk big enough for my computer/devices as well as  a clear desktop which will have room for paperwork and office-y stuff, filing etc. 

I also would love to have a vision/inspiration board in this room. I think this is such an important part of a desk place. A vision board evokes ideas, features positive memories and moments and inspires. 

I would love for this space to be clean, fresh, inspiring and as decluttered and spacious as can be!  At the moment I am really liking the monochromatic style of black and white with pops of colour to evoke positivity, encouragement and creativity and certainly that vision board! I can’t get very far staring at a blank wall! I am very visual in that sense! 

Here are some styles and layouts that I absolutely love! 


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