Flat Out! 

The land is flat! No more piles of dirt to be seen! We are nearly there and so close to start paying off our loan. The main thing that I am not looking forward to, but in 20 or so years time, it will be ours. Having a bit of a reality check, I will be around 50! Gee that’s old heheheh. Hoping we can budget in some holidays and experiences that’s probably the main worry. I don’t want to be tied down by this loan so hopefully some luck and a big Tattslotto win falls our way… well I can dream, right? 

Passing the land, I finally have a sunny and non-gloomy photo to share! The foreground of the picture is actually just a walk through spot of grass from the main road to our road. I’m pretty sure it will feature some lawn and maybe some Australian native plants, seeing as our estate guidelines require an Australiana landscaped look at the front. 

Meanwhile I have been working, planning and organising our son’s first birthday, watching my cheeky boy grow and plan a little side project. 

Hope you are having a lovely day, I can’t wait to get some construction posts happening!!! 


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