Face the facade! 

When choosing the facade of our home we were tossing between the modern and metro facade. We initially chose the metro until we realised that the facade consisted on a bit of a weatherboard style look. We COMPLETELY didn’t notice from the small pictures in the display book and on the website. Fortunately, at the PWC signing we changed our facade to the ‘modern’, yet we still only saw a small image of what the front of our property would look like. 

Driving around our estate it was reassuring to come across our facade in the flesh! We opted for one of the standard facades and I am so glad that we made this choice.  It was great to finally see the entire facade off the page. We did have the facade plans drawn but a real life example is 100 times better than imagining what it would look like. 

Reflecting back, I really am glad that we chose to have one big window at the front of our house rather than 3 panels. I feel that it would make the room bigger and not claustrophobic and dark. The window is also at a nice height so that we can lay plants in our front garden and border to our entrance.  We fell in love with the ‘Gallerie’  facade which was on the display home and loved the corner window and design however, my pockets did not and for our first home, this was not a necessity.  

Our choice!

Modern Facade

Metro Facade

Gallerie Facade

Our colour scheme

A cut and paste of a similar colour scheme for our home


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