Taking Note

During the high school and university years, I used to love my yearly/bi yearly trip to Officeworks to motivate study and get all the essentials for the year ahead. I do love a bargain so even though I do browse through Kikki K, I can’t justify $20+ for a simple notebook.

After a recent trip to Officeworks, I was slightly disappointed. No bargains, ridiculous prices and little inspiration. Had a trip to good ol’ Kmart, and nothing really beyond the standard, plain coloured look. But then, Molly and Mimi! Target’s stationary range! I found some bargains $20 to $5 for a notebook folder with a pen and loose paper space but most importantly, a cute pattern! 

Why the stationary post?! I thought that this would be so handy out on site to note the problems, questions, advances and issues that we notice during our build. It would be amazing if we didn’t need this, but I know there will always be hiccups, hopefully nothing too drastic. Also, I do miss  having nice stationary. I have ended up with a bit of a light minty colour theme for my stationary! I can’t wait to use them now!  


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