Titles and Tiles 

Some hopeful news! We received an email from our conveyancer letting us know that our land is expected to title in September. Obviously dependent on weather and if there are any unexpected hiccups along the way, but this is some positive news! Prior to this we had only heard from the sales office and estate website with titling expected in the 3/4 of the year so it’s nice to see this in writing!

Works are going strong despite our poor weather. Unfortunately, I honestly have little to no-knowledge of what is happening but it appears that asphalt should be poured soon! Once again, if anyone has a quick reference guide to what happens from dirt to a road and such that would be awesome! Comment below!! 

On another note, I have managed to find our main flooring tile! This one we can keep! My Mum’s workplace used to sell Hynes Tiles and upon a visit today I was just looking around at the bathroom accessories and tiles and…there it was! I saw it next to our 2nd preference and glad that we made this choice as the other one had more of a brown tone. 

Stone Ivory 300X600

Getting there!


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