Working it out! 

Whilst playing the waiting game for this land to title, the last few weeks have been more work related. I had a little promotion at work and signed my weekends away with a permanent part time contract. This was a tough decision to make, giving up my weekends permanently for a fair while. However, the hours work out the best for us as my son and fiancé will have boys time together and I wouldn’t have to resort to childcare. I don’t feel comfortable with childcare at this age especially…it isn’t even worth it to be honest.

I also had a little project and created a logo, business card and flyer for a local business starting up very soon! It was so nice to get back into being a bit creative and doing something that I enjoy. This may be something that I might look at doing in the future. It would be so nice to work from home, have a little business set up and work my own hours doing something creative such as being a social media manager or content producer and utilise what I spent 3 years studying at university for.  

On the land front, it looks like the asphalt might be getting laid in a few weeks. The security guard at the site mentioned pipes getting stolen so hopefully not too many delays, we are all eager for the progression now so that we can get building! I really can’t wait now! 


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