Absolutely Guttered! 

Works are visually progressing even though the weather is miserable. It’s nice to see workers out on site as the settlement date lingers ahead. Even more exciting is that if we drive a few metres further up from the ‘works entry’, we have a clearer view of our road, well for pre-settlement anyway!    There is a little park between two residence and that park backs onto some temporary fencing which… overlooks our land exactly! I have never been so excited to see dirt in my entire life! I didn’t have to estimate, pegs were out and there was our gutter! 

Whilst we can’t physically enter the site, this lookout gives us a better view of our road and of our lot! What a joyous moment, as well as a bit of a ..duhhhhhh moment as we have been driving past this little park from the very start! Another reason to be thrilled is that the light post is not physically placed on our lot! For some reason this is a bit of a big deal for me. I am happy for light to shine through my window, but at least I won’t have to mow around a dogs pee pole on the front nature strip. Now I wonder which side the footpath is on…

Now we just hope that the weather is kind to to the workers so that we can title very soon!

There it is!


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