Scandy on my mind! 

2016 brought back seventies style with a revamp and a new name, Scandinavian. From furniture stores to department stores like Kmart and Target, the ‘scandy’ look is in this year and making it’s mark!  The Pale-toned wooden look combined with a bold colour or steel/metal has stolen part of my heart and it has been hard for this design to not steal from my pocket- just yet! The hand crafted look has hit stores by storm and still going strong for the moment. 

The Boutique Homes, Oslo display in Saltwater Coast Point Cook (no longer open) had the style and look that still is bombarding our shelves at work and 6 months down the track it has dug itself further into my heart as I  am still in love with this style. It has been  very tempting to buy furnishings and especially when I know they are on sale, however, I will refrain until this house is close to completion as I feel a new trend may be floating along- although I just can’t get my hands on it just yet! 

Our house is neutral white to black in terms of tiles, cupboards and furnishings so I don’t feel that the more so permanent colour selection we have will become out of fashion anytime soon and will work well with whichever furnishings we decide on. 

Despite suggesting that the trend MAY fade, I have so many screenshots from Instagram and websites saved on my phone of the furnishing looks that I like and keep looking back to saying, I want that, and that and that! Dreaming on a budget, but eventually we will get there. 


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