Good Morning Sunshine 

It was the first day of winter and I wanted to escape the gloomy house and go for a bit of a drive around our new area. Whilst my partner was working, my son and I had a lovely stroll in our future community. It was so nice to see little children on the playground, people keeping fit having a good brisk walk along the landscaped wetlands park. We topped off our little day date with a coffee in the cafe looking out onto the swimming pool. 

It was a little bit chilly outside but the sun rays breaking through the clouds gave a warm feeling. This also appeared to mimick our week as it began with a bit of bad news with other issues (non build related) and that ray of hope may have been a sign that the week was turning around.  We then received a call saying that we have Pre Approval!!! 

Great, one thing off my mind… or so I thought! The reality then kicked in… no more spontaneous holidays, spending beyond the necessities, lots of work and cheaper outings from now on! I can imagine it’s a lot easier said than done. It may be hard choosing the pasta over the seafood at a restaurant, the Coles brand over the Dolmio, Target clothing over bigger brands, but if we change these lifestyle choices we will be a lot closer to owning our own home! 



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