It’s Electrifying!

We had our electrical appointment today and the electrical consultant, Adriana was very helpful and knowledgeable. Besides the main electrics, we did not include a ducted vacuum system, cameras or an alarm system as we have that covered at a much cheaper rate by a professional. I will leave the details in a new post.

We did however think that it was worth doing the lighting and the electrical to the front piers of the house and ensured that the ceiling light in the ensuite and bathroom was not attached to timber so that we could add a heat lamp later as I love my hot showers! We tried to keep everything close to budget as lighting we can always add later. We made sure the main rooms were lit and that the downlights in the main rooms were correct. Also consider a two way switch in corridors, passages and a double power point on the island bench.

We decided to move our telephone point to one of the bedrooms which will most likely be an office/study away from the kitchen and main living areas as we don’t intend to use a landline for a home phone. To meet our developers requirements we needed the Telstra Velocity Package which was a lot more than we initially allowed for and unfortunately due to the developers we couldn’t take the cheaper option and connect it all ourselves. Oh well, now we have to skimp on something else.

In 40 minutes our appointment was done, we did have a lighting plan and Adriana put our requirements on the computer program which was super easy to understand. With both colour and electrical appointments, it was great to see that none of our consultants did any upselling or suggestions beyond our budget or the category that we were looking for. Also nice to see double powerpoints throughout the house as standard.


Lightening things up a bit!



3 thoughts on “It’s Electrifying!

    • jadeypox says:

      Homestead Buff Brick as most of our facade is rendered, main flooring is 300×600 Stone Ivory. We put Osprey in the ensuite and bathroom caesarstone and the kitchen bench we have Ocean Foam. Our kitchen is polar white, window splashback and black tiling on the side. I may need to do a choices post 😉


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