The decision has been made! 

And so the decision has been made… Chelsea 23 by Boutique Homes!

We love the layout, the open living and little side passage to the other bedrooms and opted for the roofed outdoor living, rather than a single concrete poured patch which some other builders classify as an alfresco.

For our family lifestyle, this house ticked the box and this is what we valued as important for our first home.

  • A reputable builder
  • Open living design
  • A master bedroom at the front of the house
  • Decent bedroom sizes
  • Big windows!
  • A standard base price that includes all the necessities of a home, powerpoints, lighting, mirrors in bathrooms, cupboard space and better kitchen appliances.
  • Caesarstone bench top to at least the kitchen
  • A nice standard facade that fits into our estate guidelines without forking out more
  • A better build quality especially from a volume builder
  • Single storey
  • A house that won’t fall down in a few years

At the time, the Chelsea was the only single storey house by Boutique Homes that would fit on our frontage but after searching long and hard and reading the terrible reviews on every other volume builder that we had considered it was a bit more reassuring that a little more care will be placed on our home and higher quality materials were being used. Another attraction to Boutique Homes, was the fixed price as there won’t be any drastic surprises along the way.

We found the pricing on the higher end of the scale but we did not need to make any serious structural changes such as bigger windows or higher ceilings which are rarely standard with a lot of builders in Melbourne which would of easily raised the price of the house anyway. Out of all builders that had displays close to our preferred house size, quality and budget, we stuck to Boutique Homes. Hopefully I am not wrong here and they confirm my pre thoughts throughout the build process!

Chelsea, Boutique Homes


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