Family time!

The 28th of September, our whole lives changed! The true beginning of sleepless nights, dirty nappies, 2am feeds, the introduction of permanent eye bags but most importantly the birth of our beautiful son, Zac. All our attention had turned to raising our son and bringing him into the world and it will never change.

Words cannot describe this new motherly feeling that was instilled in me from Zac’s birth but for Mummy’s out there the world around you stops and the little angel comes first. So everything house/building related was ignored while I had to focus on multitasking at a new level!

I did pick up a new set of skills:

  • Breastfeeding and catching up on emails/social media.
  • Making baby parodies to 80s songs whilst rocking bubs to sleep.
  • Rock and swing dancing.
  • Pushing (the pram) and pooing.
  • A baby – shower entertainer!
  • Professional back to back shift worker.
  • Sleeping upright.
  • Nappy changing and facebooking.
  • Applying makeup and entertaining at the same time.

Amongst my awesome list of new personal skills, I am still trying to master cooking with baby…actually, I am still trying to master – cooking a basic meal let alone with bubs! Just as well we are living with my parents haha!

Anyway, I will refrain from turning this into a mummy blog and move on…

About 4 months after Zac was born, we started looking for our home. It’s only our first home so we wanted it to be basic, liveable but not the crap of the crap- as we do intend to sell after a while and would like an easily sellable home to suit most average families without it falling down in 6 years time. Also, on one full time wage it was going to be hard for us to afford that dream double story with a pool, gym, spa, bar and cinema room, sauna and an underground carpark that we had envisioned hahah best leave that for when tattslotto is nice to us.

Now the hunt began, display home after display home, hearing sales pitch after pitch and bullshit fly everywhere. Ooh and the headaches begin!


Display Home Master Bedroom 



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