A LOT to think about!

We were very quick with our decision and in such a short frame of time we had chosen our estate. At first, I did have my reservations that it would be even more crazy to leave Point Cook Road as I really do believe the road was not made adequately for the entire two suburbs of Seabrook and Point Cook to exit a single lane road in peak hour but then I refused to move out further to Truganina or Tarneit due to an overwhelming    number of reasons. Besides, I am a mum now so I wouldn’t even consider working in the city full time. My partner dodges the traffic too with his early wake ups so it wasn’t really much of an issue. Plus, there is so much infrastructure planned for the future around the estate, so hopefully we can take advantage of that re: schooling, kinder, part time work.

At first we were looking at a corner block and developed a quick likening to it. We slept on the thought overnight and by the time  that I went back the next day… there was already a deposit on it. Drats… I liked it because it was slightly cheaper than the other lots, an entry point into the marketplace and a step forward. As always, everything happens for a reason as we didn’t think it through properly. The build would have been a challenge and the house would be tiny and narrow to fit on the lot. We had luck on our side because being two complete newbies we didn’t consider how big we wanted our house plot.

In that same release there were a few lots left and we would have neighbours! Hopefully of the good sort. We went back a few days later and locked it in as of August 2015. Land is set to title in May 2016 but will most certainly be a bit later. More time to save, stress over money and work out what we would like to build.


One of the benefits of the estate!

The estate we chose to build is run by an OC, very family oriented, has a pool, tennis courts, function centre and gym. We likened to this as my partner would spend money on gym membership anyway and we love  going for a swim when it is hot. Personally the additional fee is worth it for our family as we would use the facilities and those little extra rules bring more value to an area. Also thrilled that it is not a ridiculous amount to pay each year.

Land, tick! Now to wait a bit and focus on our little boy born the following month!


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