Buy or Build?


Which road to take?

Me and my fiancé were sick of renting, we had a holiday booked and wanted to save up all we could for Europe and so we moved back home to my parents house. Yes, not the best if you want a headache-free year, but it was a small sacrifice and since we were over every night for dinner hahaha we may as well sleep there too. A month later, we found out that we were expecting!!! This was the best news ever, we were so thrilled! So now we had even more reason to get looking and enter the housing market. Our son is now 5months old and living at home has been so helpful with a newborn and all those sleepless nights and worrying times. Luckily our family home is big, lucky my bedroom is big and we are so fortunate to have my parents.

So last year, it all began! We needed to start looking, stressing and thinking of three instead of two. Looking back, I am so glad that we had that boost because I would delay everything and I would probably be chilling at home, mortgage free or even back renting, meanwhile house prices would be increasing and it would be even more difficult to enter the market.

Early last year, it began….

We always had one thing confirmed, we want to live in Point Cook ok.. well really Port Melbourne, right on the beach, but we would be waiting for Tattslotto for that dream to come true. We looked at numerous established houses, townhouses, units in the area and we were not happy with any of them.

Other homes we looked at reeked of cuisine and it sure was not like our favourite Chinese restaurant! There were a few liveable dwellings but aged and you could see hairline cracks in the roof, tiles that need replacing, slabs that had drastically moved and just a genuinely ugly looking facade. These were not priced cheaply either!

Another house we inspected was going up for auction as it was a deceased estate. As we walked around the home there was the old ladies personal belongings and clothing. I had too many questions running through my head and most concerningly, did she die in this house and is her ghost floating around here? No thank you, let’s move on.

Then there was this one townhouse we liked that was modern, small, clean, close to new and I liked most of the layout. The issues were-it was surrounded by identical clones, positioned on a narrow lane, super small frontage and had no room to even park a second vehicle! Imagine our housewarming! Everyone  would rock up to our neighbours by accident.  Oooo we mustn’t forget them wanting a annual OC fee because a 3 minute walk away there was a small  carpark for visitors…$1600+ A year that was beyond a joke! Absolutely aweful, no wonder there were 6 houses for sale in that lane!

After that, we stopped looking, maybe it would be better if we start from scratch? I am positive that we would experience hiccups, have to stay longer at my family home, but at least it was all ours. We would have everything brand new, freshly poured slab, a design that we both like, and we would not have to try and trace around where on earth we could find a replacement tile for the cracked one in the bathroom!

And so a different search began; a search for land.



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